Services / Restorations


We do collector car auto restorations in the months of November, December, January, February, March & into April.

Rates are $50.00 per hour.

Well also sell parts & install them all year round.


We do light & heavy body work & light painting, painting also done on the premises or can be arranged with their firms.

On small jobs a firm quote will be given, if hidden damage or other work is found to be needed, a firm quote will also be given, before being done.

On total & frame off restorations, a projection will be given, this however, can vary considerably as the only way to be totally sure would be to replace everything, some of which may not be required. A firm quote is almost impossible as it is very difficult to be exact, we will however do everything possibly to keep costs in line and all work will be okayed by the car owner before being done.


All rates quoted are plus GST unless otherwise noted. Labour rates are also subject to PST.